Tampa Bay’s 10 TV story on homegrown millennials coming home

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July 26, 2019

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Tampa has long had a reputation, especially among the young and ambitious, as a town to bounce from, typically to cities with more to offer professionally and culturally.

Yet in recent years, this exodus has curiously reversed itself. Indeed, even Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn – who has long despaired of seeing Tampa’s young flee to cities such as Charlotte; Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and farther – now crows about how Tampa is fast becoming a destination for a younger generation.

What’s more, many of this youthful newcomers aren’t so new. A growing number are Tampa-born kids who are coming back. And they’re returning with fresh ideas and energy for helping make their long-second-tier hometown truly world-class.

Tampa Bay’s 10 TV’s story profiles some of these Boomerangers, including Tampa attorney Tyler Hudson, with law firm Gardner Brewer Martinez-Monfort.

You can read it here.

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