Crisis Communication

For when it does hit the fan.

Many companies will face some form of crisis, including groundless rumors, lawsuits, and allegations of product defects or employee misconduct. Such unfavorable events often prompt significant, sustained news coverage and public scrutiny, which often damages an individual or company’s image, reputation and/or financial stability.

Effective communication can mitigate the impact of such crises. Communicating before, during and after a crisis is important – not only when working with the media, but also with employees, family members and company stakeholders.
We help companies prepare for potential crises, as well as successfully deal with all manner of actual crises.

Planning ahead

Among the most basic tools companies should have in preparation for such unfortunate events is a crisis communications plan. For those not familiar, this is public relations jargon for what all too often is treated by companies as a stack of papers covered with words about what a company should do in the event of a crisis.

Having one of these little piles of paper won’t help you a bit if your crisis plan simply sits on a shelf or hard drive.

Which is why you should treat your crisis communications plan as a regular and normal aspect of daily business. Something that everyone knows and understands. Something that company leaders and other employees drill on, review frequently and otherwise keep up to date.

We help companies develop crisis communications plans – and be ready to use them effectively.

Crunch time

When a crisis happens, we’re all hands on deck for clients, helping them with all aspects of effectively communicating with media, the public, customers and employees.

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