We’re the author behind the byline.

On behalf of clients, we write articles and opinion pieces for major newspapers, as well as for publications that serve all sorts of businesses, trades and interest groups. We also write company blogs, websites and manage their social media activities.

Our writing includes speeches for CEOs and entrepreneurs, and TV and radio advertisement scripts. We even ghostwrite and edit books for everyone from tech industry leaders to child psychologists.


Writing guest columns, op-eds and other types of articles for publications can be an excellent way to establish yourself as an authority on all manner of subjects. Trouble is, many folks have neither the time nor the experience with knowing how to convince an editor to publish your article, and how to tailor an article to match the audience and publication’s guidelines. We see your article from idea to publication.


Writing a book can be daunting even for experienced writers. We help first-timers and veteran authors alike turn their ideas into books. We also help authors navigate the quirks of the publishing world, including assisting with writing of query letters to agents, developing book proposals, as well as designing and illustrating books.


Effective public speaking isn’t just about having a gift for gab. The best speeches are the result of lots of unseen toil. We help CEOs, entrepreneurs and others write speeches for audiences of all sizes and types.

The interwebs

Communicating well on websites, blogs and all manner of social media can often feel like more of a hassle than benefit for companies of all sizes. We help tell your stories in these media so you don’t have to.

Other Capabilities