Publicity Campaigns

Just spelling your name right isn’t enough.

Through publicity campaigns we arrange for clients to be interviewed and featured in local and national TV, radio and print and online media.

We help clients ace interviews, offering media training tailored to each person, industry and situation, including crises.

And, of course, we work with umpteen blogs, podcasts and social media platforms to find the ideal audiences for clients, and to magnify the impact of traditional media stories.

Developing story ideas and angles

We help companies and individuals discover what the best story ideas are and the most effective way to pitch them to media.

Press releases

Not all successful publicity requires a formal press release. But when they do, we know how to write them and how to deliver them to just the right reporter, editor, producer or blogger.

Media campaigns

Getting good media coverage typically comes from having a solid plan. We help companies large and small develop media strategies for everything from product launches and single events (including lawsuits), to long-term media campaigns. Learn More

Talking heads and experts

Behind most regional and national experts often quoted in publications and interviewed on TV is likely a publicist who has helped position them as such. We’ve done so for nationally-known authors and local experts alike.

Other Capabilities